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Artist: Sonny Chillingworth
Album: Memories of Hawaii Vol. 3
CD Id: SLCD-303

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Track Song Title Time
1 Portuguese Washerwoman 02:32
2 Haaheo 02:24
3 Kainoa 03:14
4 Lepe Ula Ula 03:17
5 Sweet Someone 02:01
6 Besame Mucho 03:04
7 Molokai Nui 01:53
8 Lei Pakalana 01:45
9 Nanakuli 02:34
10 Maui Boy 02:23
11 Manu‘o‘o 02:40
12 Kalena 02:05
13 Aloha Kauai 01:54
14 There's No Place Like Hawaii 01:52
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Album CoverTrack Listing (Scroll down to see detailed description of each song and artist)

Sonny Chillingworth [2:32]
A. Popp/R. Lucchesi (Warner Bros Music/Harry Fox)

Billy Gonsalves [2:24] David Kupele

MarleneSai [3:14]
James Lono Taka (Criterion Music/Harry Fox)

Jesse Kalima [3:17] Kamana (Traditional)

Eddie Kamae [2:01] B. Keyes/G. Waggoner (Shapiro Bernstein & Co/Harry Fox)

Melveen Leed [3:04] C. Velasquez (Peer International/Harry Fox)

Bill Kaiwa [1:53] arr. Benny Saks (Traditional)

Billy K and The Seamen [1:45] S. Omar

Paradise Serenaders [2:34] Wayne Reis

George Paoa [2:23] G. H. Steventon

11 MANU 'O'O
Danny Kapoi Trio [2:40]
John Kalapana (Criterion Music/Harry Fox)

Leinaala Haili [2:05]
Charles E. King
(Charles E. King Music/Harry Fox)

Iwalani Kahalewai [1:54] Maiki Aiu

Lucky Luck [1:52] Criterion Music/Harry Fox

It was a simpler time in Hawaii when everywhere you would go, from hotels to supper clubs to restaurants, Hawaiian music filled the air. Visitors enjoyed the beauty of Hawaii, but when they returned home they remembered the music of Hawaii. In the 1950s and into the early 70s, Queen's Surf, the Garden Bar, Don the Beachcomber's, Yoko's in Kapahulu, Honey's in Kaneohe, the Barefoot Bar, Shipwreck Kelly's, the Royal Hawaiian, Waikiki Lau Yee Chai, the Blue Dolphin, Top of the Isle, the Sandbox, Duke Kahanamoku's, the Waikiki Biltmore and the Moana Hotel were just a few of the venues that produced the greatest talent explosion that Hawaii has ever seen. Don Ho, Genoa Keawe, Kui Lee, Gabby Pahinui, Martin Denny and a new generation of Hawaiian entertainers featured on this release continue to this day to impact Hawaiian music here and around the world. Most of the venues they played are long gone, but the music they created is unforgettable. Take a step back in time and enjoy memories of Hawaii.

Sonny Chillingworth was an amazing musician. Every group he performed with became better when he started playing. From stints with Don Ho, Eddie Kamae and the Sons of Hawaii, Myra English, to the Gabby Pahinui Band, Sonny's specialty and passion was creating great music. "Portuguese Washerwoman" is from his self-titled album, and appears on CD for the first time. Sonny died in 1994.

Billy Gonsalves and the Paradise Serenaders were featured at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Luau, Yoke's in Kapahulu and many other places around Honolulu. This is Hawaiian four-part harmony delivered in their unique "double duet" style. The Paradise Serenaders captivated their audiences and continue to influence groups today. "Ha'aheo" is from the 1966 release "Paradise Serenaders."

It's not every artist that comes up with a signature song on her first full album but that's just what Marlene Sai accomplished with "Kainoa" written by James Lono Taka. More than 40 years later, the song and the performance is still hauntingly beautiful. Marlene continues to be actively involved in Hawaiian music and was the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement award from the Hawaii Academy of Recording Arts in 2004.

Jesse Kalima was an innovator, arranger and master ukulele player. He made his own amplified ukulele, wrote scores for television and movies, and was an amazing entertainer. Jessie was a member of the Kalima Brothers collectively known as "1000 Pounds of Melody" in the late 1940s. Jesse later pursued a solo career and recorded "Lepe 'Ula'Ula" on his "Holiday in Hawaii" album. He died much too young but received posthumously a Lifetime Achievement Award from HARA in 2005.

Eddie Kamae plays the ukulele like no one else. He developed a technique of plucking all four strings at once, enabling you to hear melody and chords at the same time. "Sweet Someone" is from the Mahalo release "Heart of the Ukulele" recorded in 1962 and reissued on CD in 2004. He received the HARA Lifetime Achievement Award in 1992. After leading the Sons of Hawaii for many years Eddie now focuses his time and energy on his award winning filmmaking career.

"Besame Mucho" is a Mexican song written by Consuelo Velazquez in 1940. Since then it's been covered by hundreds of artists from the Beatles, Dean Martin, Julio Iglesias, Diana Krall, and Frank Sinatra. What are the odds that a young girl from Molokai could sing it better? Melveen Leed makes the song her own from her album "At the Garden Bar." Melveen can sing any style of music from Hawaiian, country, and jazz and always be jaw-dropping good. Melveen has won numerous Hoku awards and received the HARA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005. Still in fine voice, Melveen tours Japan, the mainland and here in Hawaii.

Bill Kaiwa is living proof that nice guys finish first. At the 33rd annual King Kamehameha Hula Competition held in June of 2006, Bill received the Award of Distinction given to honor his exemplary contributions to Hawaiian music. He also received a HARA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004. "Molokai Nui" from "More From Bill Kaiwa" is finally available on CD. A great singer and an ever greater humanitarian, this song is well worth the wait.

Billy K and the Seamen recorded one album for Makaha "Live at Shipwreck Kelly's". William Kalani Ikaika, better known as Billy K , along with Rudy Grau and Lee Mueller perform an outstanding version of "Lei Pakalana." Billy was born in Hilo, graduated from Kamehameha Schools and speaks fluent Hawaiian.

Aunty Lawaina Mokulehua Gonsalves teamed up with Billy Gonsalves to form the Paradise Serenaders. They only recorded two albums in 1966 and 1968, one for Makaha Records and one for Sounds of Hawaii that produced - the classics "Maile Lei," "Kauai Beauty," "Ka Lei O Kalani" and more. "Nanakuli" features Lawaina and the seamless harmonies of the Paradise Serenaders. Aunty Lawaina Mokulehua Gonsalves died in October of 2004.

George Paoa was a worldwide ambassador for Hawaiian music. He traveled to Europe with Kui Lee, to Japan with Marlene Sai, Genoa Keawe, Danny Kapoi, Pua Almeida and many others. "I think he will be remembered for bringing the jazz-type influence to Hawaiian music," said his daughter, Heather Hicks. I think he also will be remembered for "Maui Boy." George Paoa died in April 2000 at age 65.

During the 60s and 70s every hotel on Oahu or the neighbor islands all seemed to feature live Hawaiian music. The "Danny Kapoi Trio at the Sheraton-Maui" is a good example of the benefits of a group performing night after night and becoming well-prepared to record an excellent album. "Manu 'O'o" is a beautiful love song delivered tenderly.

Leinaala Haili was a great singer influenced by the late Lena Machado but who developed her own unique style. She lived a full life and died at the age of 82 in April of 2005. In a 1973 interview with the Honolulu Advertiser, "I just can't do any song. If a song does justice to my voice, I'll do it. And I really prefer the old songs," she said. Leinaala recorded six albums, five for Makaha Records and one for Lehua Records. She received the HARA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001. "Kalena (Kai)" is from the album "Hiki No" and this is the first time it's available on CD.

Iwalani Kahalewai grew up on Maui and started singing at a very young age. She sang and danced with Hawaii Calls, Alfred Apaka, Alice Fredlund's Halekulani girls, Tavana's Polynesian show and the Royal Hawaiian Band. "Aloha Kauai" from the album "A Hawaiian Happening" was her only recording for the Sounds of Hawaii label although she did numerous recordings with Hawaii Calls.

Lucky's Luau hosted by Lucky Luck was one of the first one-hour weekly television programs to celebrate Hawaiian music. It was filmed on location at hotels and clubs in Waikiki and aired on KHVH-TV from 1962 to 1965. Lucky Luck may not have been the greatest singer but he was a great story teller, broadcaster and entertainer. There is no better way to end this stroll down memory lane that with "There's No Place Like Hawaii" from his "Have Fun Lucky" album on Mahalo Records.

Special thanks to Randy Hudnall for song suggestions and to those that love and support traditional Hawaiian music. Sonny Chillingworth, Billy Gonsalves and the Paradise Serenaders, Marlene Sai, Jesse Kalima, Eddie Kamae, Melveen Leed, Bill Kaiwa, Billy K and the Seamen, George Paoa, the Danny Kapoi Trio, Leinaala Haili, Iwalani Kahalewai, and Lucky Luck, thank you for creating fresh sounds and reshaping the history of Hawaiian music.

- Tim Mathre

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