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Lehua Records - Artist: Hui 'Ohana; Jerry Bryd

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Artist: Hui 'Ohana
Album: Hawaiian Style Guitars
CD Id: SLCD-320

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Track Song Title Time
1 Slack Key 02:16
2 How D'ya Do 03:13
3 Kaloaloa 02:07
4 Pa`au`au Waltz 03:16
5 Radio Hula 02:33
6 Ku`u Ipo Onaona 02:14
7 Maui Chimes 02:28
8 Sand 03:43
9 Mauna Loa 01:38
10 Sanoe 01:20
11 Serenade to Nalani 02:52
12 Hanalei Moon 03:10
13 L-N-D Slack Key 01:52
14 Silver Strings 02:43
15 Hilo March 02:54
16 Kalima Waltz 02:51
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Album CoverHui Ohana: As teenagers, Ledward and his twin brother Nedward Ka‘apana and cousin Dennis Pavao formed the Hui ‘Ohana, one of the hottest groups of the 70s and 80s and now legendary among Hawaiian musicians. The 70s saw the blossoming of the Hawaiian Renaissance, and Hui ‘Ohana was a key part of that return to traditional Hawaiian culture and music. Young Hawaii Sings Old Hawaii, the title of their first recording, was also their statement of purpose.

The twin brothers Led and Ned, and cousin Dennis Pavao are perhaps the most natural musicians and singers in the Islands. Cousin Dennis is the outstanding falsetto lead singer and sets the basic rhythm for the group on his guitar. Led is unquestionably the fastest slack key artist in Hawaii and Ned plays the wonderful electric bass and is the comedian of the group.

The group produced 14 best-selling albums and made countless hundreds of live appearances, proudly sharing Kalapana's musical traditions.

Jerry Byrd: Famed guitarist Jerry Byrd was born on March 9, 1920 in Lima, Ohio. As a child, he developed a passion for Hawaiian music, although he made his first inroads into performing by playing country on an area radio station between 1935 and 1937. After a stint on Cincinnati's WLW, he joined the Renfro Valley Barn Dance in 1941; a year later, he jumped to WJR Detroit, and remained there until he signed on with Ernie Lee's Pleasant Valley Boys in 1944.

Byrd remained with Lee until 1946, when he formed his own group, the Jay-Bird Trio. Two years later, he joined Red Foley's band and became a session staple at King Records. Also in 1948, Byrd cut his first singles, "Mountain Mambo" and, under the name Jerry Robin, "Sun Shadows." Later in the year, he issued his first 78, Steelin' the Blues. While at King, Byrd also recorded a handful of Hawaiian songs, and as the years wore on, the music became his primary focus.

Still, Byrd remained an active figure on the country landscape; in 1950 he became a regular on Foley's NBC television program, and from 1954 to 1956 he was featured on the Nashville-based series Home Folks. An eight-year stint on the program Country Junction followed, and in 1964 he became a member of Bobby Lord's TV band. In 1968, Byrd left country for good, moving to Hawaii to focus exclusively on the state's native music.

Courtesy Booklines Hawaii

Track/Artist Listing
1. Slack Key - Hui 'Ohana
2. How D'ya Do - Jerry Byrd
3. Kaloaloa - Hui 'Ohana
4. Pa`au`au Waltz - Jerry Byrd
5. Radio Hula - Hui 'Ohana
6. Ku`u Ipo Onaona - Hui 'Ohana
7. Maui Chimes - Jerry Byrd
8. Sand - Jerry Byrd
9. Mauna Loa - Hui 'Ohana
10. Sanoe - Hui 'Ohana
11. Serenade to Nalani - Jerry Byrd
12. Hanalei Moon - Jerry Byrd
13. L-N-D Slack Key - Hui 'Ohana
14. Silver Strings - Jerry Byrd
15. Hilo March - Jerry Byrd
16. Kalima Waltz - Jerry Byrd

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