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Lehua Records - Artist: Melveen Leed

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Artist: Melveen Leed
Album: Melveen's Hawaiian Country Hits
CD Id: SLCD-330

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Track Song Title Time
1 The Music Of Hawaii 03:00
2 Morning Dew 03:40
3 Red Eye Gravy & Poi 02:42
4 Crazy (Pupule) 02:42
5 Walk Through Paradise 03:30
6 My Hawaiian Country 03:07
7 Beautiful, Beautiful Hawaii 03:23
8 Hanohano Molokai 02:45
9 You Are My Sunshine 02:27
10 Hawaiian Wedding Song 02:41
11 Tenessee Waltz 03:02
12 Paniolo Country 02:41
13 Honolulu Blue And Green 03:24
14 My Little Grass Shack 03:13
15 Happy Hawaiian Music 03:02
16 The Meaning Of Aloha (Aloha Oe) 03:06
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Album CoverMelveen is an artist. She began nurturing that talent when she was just a little girl growing up on the island of Molokai. When she sings, she paints a picture in your mind of a beautiful place, or a special person. She is like a lei maker, weaving her words and music like colorful blossoms into a lei of melodies. Through her music she has traveled around the world, gathering new blossoms of song and friendship for her lei.

Courtesy Booklines Hawaii

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