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Lehua Records - Artist: Bunny Brown's Hilo Hawaiians

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Artist: Bunny Brown's Hilo Hawaiians
Album: Bunny Brown's Hilo Hawaiians
CD Id: SLCD-7004

ukulele = Play short MP3 sound clip
Track Song Title Time
1 Analani E 01:32
2 To Make You Love Me, Ku`uipo 02:59
3 Singing Bamboo 02:54
4 Paokalani 03:28
5 'a 'Oia 02:30
6 Kahalu'u 03:31
7 Ho'i Mai, Ku'uipo 02:54
8 Aloha Ka Manini 02:08
9 Kaua'i Beauty 02:58
10 A Maile Lei For Your Hair 02:56
11 Ten Guitars 03:27
12 E Maliu Mai 02:57
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Album CoverWhen a bunch of Hawaiians get together even a small group it's almost inevitable that the gathering quickly turns into a party. All Hawaiians seem to have certain important party ingredients within themselves native musical talent and love of fun. But when the Hawaiians happen to be Bunny Brown's Hilo Hawaiians the party becomes a feast, and that's what this album is. It is also HAWAII Hawaii old and new. There are numbers to capture all moods, from the romantic and nostalgic to the happy and carefree.

William "Bunny" Brown, guitarist, is leader of the Hilo Hawaiians, organized in 1964 and since then the regular entertainers at Hilo's famed Naniloa Hotel. In the group are two sons, Boysen K. Brown, guitar, and Elson "Bobo" K. Brown, ukulele, plus Arthur Kaua, vibraphone, and Savella "Moto" Modesto, bass. All, of course, sing.

Learning to play a variety of instruments and singing comes naturally to most Hawaiians, which it did to all the Browns and Kaua, who have been making music since they were kids. Only Modesto has had formal training. To all the Hilo Hawaiian music is their first love, and, as Bunny puts, it, "Music is never work it's fun."

The work part of their lives is their regular jobs. Bunny is superintendent of line construction at Hilo Electric Co., and boss of his lineman son, "Bobo." Arthur is a motor patrolman with the Hilo Police Department; Boysen is with Hawaiian Airlines' overseas department and Moto works in Hilo Motors' service department.

The fun this group had while recording this album is bound to come through, as will their talent and versatility. It was a typical Hawaiian party, with all enjoying each other and what they were doing: making a record so you could enjoy the party, too.

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