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Lehua Records - Artist: Melveen Leed

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Artist: Melveen Leed
Album: Melveen Leed's Hawaiian Country
CD Id: SLCD-7019

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Track Song Title Time
1 Ka Makani Ka`ili Aloha 03:09
2 The Music Of Hawai`i 02:58
3 The Hawaiian Wedding Song 02:40
4 Haole Hula 03:03
5 Paniolo Country 02:41
6 Honolulu Blue & Green 03:25
7 Walk Through Paradise & Jesu Me Ke Kanaka Wai Wai 03:11
8 Hi`ilawe 02:32
9 Baby Pakalana 03:07
10 Hanohano Molokai 02:44
11 The Green Green Grass Of Home 02:49
12 My Little Grass Shack 03:12
13 Me `Oe E A`u E Hele Pu ( A Closer Walk With Thee) 03:28
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Album CoverFor Hawaiian Music Fans
It is only natural that Melveen Leed, the part-Hawaiian country girl from Molokai, is the singer leading the way in bridging the gap between Hawaiian and Country music. The two forms of musical expression have so much in common and Melveen is at home in both fields.

She handles the Island songs with ease — whether they are in Hawaiian or English. Blending English lyrics with Hawaiian or Hawaiian words with songs written originally in English seems natural to her.

In this album, the first of its kind ever produced, the songs are of old and new Hawaii and the accompaniments are straight from Nashville country, with the exception of the lovely "sweetening" by Jerry Byrd and his Hawaiian Steel Guitar.

And there, as superlative bridge between the two, is MELVEEN LEED, the Hawaiian-Country girl.

Keith Haugen (1975)

For Country Music Fans
Writing about these guys — the "Nashville Super Pickers", who won all the Grammy Awards in Country music this year, is like writing about my brothers. We spent a lot of hours together in Nashville recording studios, before I moved to Paradise!

Take ole "stone face" Grady Martin. He's got to be the best lead guitar in the universe.

Ray Edenton — my old fishin' buddy. Rhythm guitar supreme and a country boy who made good.

Harold Bradley— born with guitar picks in his mouth instead of teeth! He eats a guitar up — along with anything else that has strings on it.

Bobby Moore — Bass. I can't imagine doing a recording session without him. Would be like having a wedding without the bride's folks!

Hargus Robbins — nickname, "Pig." How in the devil that came about I'll never know, but you've heard the old clichι — "he can play the piano blindfolded." Well "Pig" does — he is blind and was chosen as the leader of the SUPER PICKERS. A real genius on all keyboards.

Bobby Thompson — soft spoken, and he doesn't say much — but that 5-string banjo does!

Last, but certainly the last (just kidding, Buddy) is drummer Buddy Harmon. I say this because that is exactly what he would say. No other drummer could carry Buddy's hat, let alone his sticks!

That's the "SUPER PICKERS" — Super guys — Super everything. I miss them.

Jerry "Manu" Byrd (1975) Steel Guitar, Nashville/Hawaii

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