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Lehua Records - Artist: Emma Veary

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Artist: Emma Veary
Album: Emma At The Royal
CD Id: SLCD-7026

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Track Song Title Time
1 Bali Ha'i 04:18
2 Feelings 03:49
3 Soap Opera 04:53
4 E Maliu Mai 02:53
5 Gianina Mia 02:34
6 I Am Hawaii 02:37
7 Morning Dew / Hanalei Moon 04:34
8 Aloha No Wau Iko Maka 03:10
9 Royal Hawaiian Hotel 01:42
10 My Little Grass Shack 02:47
11 Make Believe Days 02:17
12 Akaka Falls 03:38
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Album CoverIn a recent interview with the top national travel magazine, the question was asked me, "Where in Hawaii can we find the class act — the best entertainment?" Without hesitation, I said, "Emma Veary at the Monarch Room of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel." We were there opening night and have been back several times since. Why? When you listen to the glorious voice of Emma in this album and the lovely musical arrangements, you'll know why. There is no substitute for talent and when that talent is rich and varied and finely honed, it makes for an exceptional performer. Unique might be a better word. Emma is unique. You have just given yourself a present with this album. Mahalo, Emma of the golden voice, for an evening in Paradise!

—Jack Lord

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