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Lehua Records - Artist: Nina Keali'iwahamana & Bill Kaiwa

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Artist: Nina Keali'iwahamana & Bill Kaiwa
Album: Hula Hula Luau Style
CD Id: SLCD-7035

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Track Song Title Time
1 Nou Pueo Kahi 02:46
2 Keaukaha 02:48
3 Papalina Lahilahi 02:30
4 Pohai Kealoha 02:34
5 Holoholo Ka'A 01:36
6 Ka Lehua Imilia 02:17
7 Hanohano Hanalei 01:51
8 Silhouette Hula 03:37
9 Alekoki/Alekoki 01:52
10 Hawaiian Lullaby 02:44
11 Royal Hawaiian Hotel 02:17
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Album CoverNina "with the lovely voice" Keali'iwahamana and Bill "Hawaiian Cowboy" Kaiwa are two of the foremost singers of Hawaiian mele. They are dedicated to the glorification of Hawaiiana throughout the world Nina, as soloist with "Hawaii Calls" radio and Bill, as the top performer for United Airlines Hawaiian shows. You are listening to the premier album featuring duets by these two talented Hawaiians singing, "luau style," the most popular hulas with students and professionals. Hana hou! (1978)

Track/Artist Listing
1. NOU PUEO KAMI - Duet, Nina & Bill
2. KEAUKAHA - Solo, Nina
3. PAPALINA LAHILAHI - Duet, Nina & Bill
4. POHAI KEALOHA - Duet, Nina & Bill
5. HOLOHOLO KA'A - Duet, Nina & Bill
6. KA LEHUA IMILIA - Solo, Bill
7. HANOHANO HANALEI - Duet, Nina& Bill
9. ALEKOKI/ALEKOKI - Duet, Nina & Bill
11. ROYAL HAWAIIAN HOTEL - Duet, Nina & Bill

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