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Lehua Records - Artist: Nina Keali`iwahamana & Charles K. L. Davis

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Artist: Nina Keali`iwahamana & Charles K. L. Davis
Album: Remember I Gave My Aloha
CD Id: SLCD-7037

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Track Song Title Time
1 Remember, I Gave My Aloha 02:12
2 Soft Green Seas 02:30
3 Reach Up and Pick a Star 02:37
4 White Naupaka 02:02
5 Sweet Hawaiian Valentine 01:59
6 White Ginger blossoms 02:27
7 Ku`u Hawai`i 02:56
8 On a Coconut Ialand 02:10
9 Miss Hawai`i 03:06
10 Lovely Moloka`i 02:48
11 Red Opu 02:19
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Album CoverIn 1978, these two talented musicians joined voices for the first time ever to sing the new and old songs of the prolific island songwriter, R. Alex Anderson. Alex's songs and the voices of Nina and Charles thrilled kama'aina and malihini audiences in Hawaii and throughout the world on the "Hawaii Calls" radio broadcasts.

R. Alex Anderson is a "keiki hanao o ka aina," a second generation son of Hawaii. His mother was born in Hilo shortly after her parents settled on the Big Island in 1865. Her father became a naturalized citizen of the Kingdom of Hawaii. Later, under the provisional government, he was a member of President Dole's cabinet. Just after annexation, he built the Alexander Young Hotel which, for many years was the finest and largest building in Hawaii.

Alex has often been asked what his initial "R" stands for. His first name is Robert as was his father's. He grew up as Alex to avoid confusion. In later life, his father reminded Alex that he (Alex) also had his name. So, to honor his father, Alex has always kept the initial "R."

Alex grew up loving Hawaiian music—listening to the serenaders who came to his home on holiday eves. Along with piano lessons, he learned to play the ukulele and steel guitar, on which he soloed in concerts of the Cornell Glee Club. His first song was a senior class song at Punahou and has been writing ever since. He is the most prolific writer of hapa haole songs as attested in his book, "R. ALEX ANDERSON'S FAMOUS SONGS OF HAWAII," containing 83 songs. Since it was published the number has grown to more than a hundred.

R. Alex Anderson died on Memorial Day, 1995, a week short of his 101st birthday.

Charles K. L. Davis died on October 31, 1991 at the age of 66.

Track/Artist Listing
1. Remember, I Gave My Aloha – Duet Nina & Charles
2. Soft Green Seas – Solo Nina
3. Reach Up and Pick a Star – Duet Nina & Charles
4. White Naupaka – Solo Charles
5. Sweet Hawaiian Valentine – Duet Nina & Charles
6. White Ginger blossoms – Solo Nina
7. Ku`u Hawaii – Solo Nina
8. On a Coconut Island - Duet Nina & Charles 9. Miss Hawaii – Solo Charles
10. Lovely Molokai – Duet Nina & Charles
11. Red Opu – Solo Charles

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