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Artist: Benny Kalama
Album: He Is Hawaiian Music
CD Id: SLCD-7054

ukulele = Play short MP3 sound clip
Track Song Title Time
1 Hula Mai Oe 03:10
2 Wahine U'i 03:51
3 Eia Mai Au/Na Moku Eha - Medley 03:04
4 Sing Sweet Mama E 02:33
5 Ahea No Ho'i La 02:20
6 My Island Love Song 02:27
7 Na Pua O Hawai'i 02:59
8 When I Hear Hawaiian Music 03:02
9 He Mana'o Ko'u La Oe 03:15
10 Lani, Ku'u Ipo 02:51
11 Ta-Ha-Ua-La 02:09
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Album CoverHere is the music of Hawaii as it is known and loved the world over: trio singing (as only Hawaiians can do it) accompanied by steel guitar; rhythm guitar, bass and ukulele. To that you add the falsetto voice of Benny Kalama. We call it "chicken-skin music."

When you talk about falsetto sings and Hawaii has many (it's an art form here), Benny Kalama is recognized as one of the greatest. But up to now, like the weather, "everybody talks about it but nobody does anything about it." No more. Lehua Records did something about it!

Benny is also an accomplished musician: he plays everything in a band; an arranger supreme, and a walking library of Hawaiian music. He began his career as a bassist in the Honolulu Symphony but moved into Hawaiian music later on and worked in the top groups in Hawaii, during those "golden years" in Hawaiian music. It would require a book to cover all that he has done arranger/musician for Alfred Apaka and the "Hawaii Calls" show for many years, just to name two.

And he's still going strong for one who is supposed to be "semi-retired." He's sought after continually by those in need of songs; arrangements and musical advice. That's as it should be. When you're good you're in demand.

His "likes" will not come this way again, so we coaxed him (true!) into doing this beautiful recording so that his voice and his talents will be recognized and preserved for posterity.

Even though his repertoire of songs is endless, we thought that his collection best illustrates Benny's incomparable falsetto a style of singing that has been unique in Hawaiian music history for over 100 years. Lending their most able support are four of Hawaii's finest musicians and singers: Hiram Olsen on rhythm guitar and vocal; Kalani Fernandes on upright bass and vocal; Randy Oness, ukulele and vocal, and a new, young steel guitarist on the recording scene, Alan Akaka.

So here is a "collector item" for sure; Hawaiian music as you remember it. Consider this album to be your own little secret island a place where you can escape to where you can feel and enjoy the essence of Hawaiian music.

Benny Kalama IS Hawaiian music.

Jerry Byrd

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