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Lehua Records - Artist: Melveen Leed

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Artist: Melveen Leed
Album: A Part Of Me, A Part Of You
CD Id: SLCD-7061

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Track Song Title Time
1 Kailua 02:58
2 Love Is, Tau'atuahine 03:41
3 Nani Ko'olau 02:26
4 Have I Told You Lately 03:29
5 Holoholo Ka'a 02:09
6 Kalena 03:52
7 Sway 03:11
8 A Part Of Me, A Part Of You 03:26
9 When The Leaves Turn To Brown 02:52
10 Ka Lae O Ka'ena 02:32
11 Music Man Kind Of Love 03:08
12 Panini Pua Kea 01:50
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Album CoverMelveen is an artist. She began nurturing that talent when she was just a little girl growing up on the island of Molokai. When she sings, she paints a picture in your mind of a beautiful place, or a special person. She is like a lei maker, weaving her words and music like colorful blossoms into a lei of melodies. Through her music she has traveled around the world, gathering new blossoms of song and friendship for her lei.

I first met Mel in Tahiti, where she was living at that time. I arrived with poi and spam; she welcomed me with open arms and a hearty laugh. We have been friends ever since! Melveen is humble and hilarious (her laughter is contagious). She is caring and courageous (picture swimming with sharks). But first and foremost, she is a true friend to her community, always willing to lend a helping hand and her voice to help someone.

Her voice is amazing and versatile, like the colorful, sweet scented flowers a lei maker would chose. She sings with emotion and clarity. With a song, she can take you to the stage of the Grand Ole Opry for a story of love gone bad. In an instant, she'll switch gears and you'll find yourself on a sun-drenched beach in Hawaii. Each song in this CD reveals a different facet of this Na Hoku Hanohano award-winning vocalist. It is good to hear her voice again, with new songs to take home. I hope you'll enjoy the sweet fragrance of this lei of song from my talented friend, Melveen Leed.

- Paula Akana

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